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  1. GRE-PSeries of the diaphragm
  2. GRE-TP/TWSeries of the diaphragm
  3. GRE-HSeries of the diaphragm
  4. GRE-WSeries of the diaphragm
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Company profile  Xinxiang zhongke science and technology co., LTD., founded in2002Years10Month,The registered capital1One hundred million yuan,The country's largest professional lithium battery research and development of the diaphragm、Production、Sales for the integration of national high and new technology enterprise,Is the first domestic enterprise of industrialization of the diaphragm and the only a diaphragm type enterprise scale to enter the international market。  The company to promote the lithium electricity in China“The core”For the enterprise mission,The first diaphragm and dry two-way stretch preparation technology,First to break the Japanese、The United States and other membrane technology in domestic enterprises and market monopoly,To fill the domestic blank。  The company has international advanced research and development、Production and testing equipment and stage air clean...To check the details>>
Product center
  • GRE-PSeries of the diaphragmGRE-PSeries of the diaphragm
  • GRE-TP/TWSeries of the diaphragmGRE-TP/TWSeries of the diaphragm
  • GRE-HSeries of the diaphragmGRE-HSeries of the diaphragm
  • GRE-WSeriesGRE-WSeries
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