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    Yan yu in the petrochemical co., LTD. Is located in shaanxi province baota district hui ze heightsBZhuang,From yan 'an high-speed south exit5.8Kilometers ,North of high-speed exit9.2Kilometers,From yong ping refineries around40Kilometers,From the extended jiaokou river refinery about80Kilometers,From the coal of yulin city Charcoal industry area around230Kilometers,From the coking plant about yulin industrial park250Kilometers,Can be convenient transportation to the country,Welcome all around A friend to come to discuss cooperation。

    My company was founded in2016Years,Through the national formal registration approval,Company qualification security strength,The existing staff18People,Technical personnel4People 。Special vehicles10More than cars,Annual sales of coal,Hundreds of thousands of tons of oil,Ensure the needs of users,Round-the-clock service。

    The company's main products have natural gas、Coal、Dongsheng smoke-free、Many plant、A modified special pulverized coal boiler、Yulin hengshan high-quality coal、Oil distribution of fuel oil,Diesel、Coal tar、High temperature coal tar、Medium temperature coal tar,My company deals in various products meet the customer requirements of quality standards,By technical supervision bureau ZhiJianChu analysis in gansu province、Lanzhou、Sichuan province、Days Tianjin、Inner Mongolia、Ningxia、Qinghai around the use of such as proof,My company's product prices low、The dosage of province、Less pollution,Note《Diesel、We can do:You think that we can achieve the standard,Service directly to your site can not be on the road of machine oil box 、Oily:National standard4、To remember:National recognition of meter、The price:According to the condition and the province development and reform commission (NDRC) pricing can also be the basis of a proper discount》You can rest assured use,However, bring you benefit is very considerable。

    At present the company's products throughout the country、Mainly supply the northwest region,The company quality、Believe that the customer is supreme The enterprising management idea。

Yan yu in the petrochemical co., LTD

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