Datong fu wei qing garden machine co., LTD,Founded in2012Years11Month,Is located in datong city had ganhe CunDong,The company covers an area of about20000 Square meters,The registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Has the fixed asset1200Ten thousand yuan。Mechanical processing and roller production equipment20Taiwan(Sets)。With the coal mining machine industry mainly...

Company products are mainly oriented coal shearer as needed,Excavator,Transfer machine,Blowing machine,Conveyor,Hydraulic support,Emulsion pump station of coal mining machine maintenance and equipment and accessories production。The company“Steadfast、Struggle、Responsibility”The spirit of enterprise,To improve the technology,Considerate service,Excellence...

Coal winning machine

MG300/700Series motor horizontal layout more coal winning machine is my factory developed a new generation withSGZ-630、SGZ730Conveyor supporting type high power short electrical traction shearer,Overall design adopted the combined motor horizontal arrangement and modular structure,Applicable to the complex geological conditions of coal seam working face, etc,Can be used as the current widely used in coal mineMG200Series chain lead an ideal version of coal winning machine。By changing the cutting machine,Installed power can be increased475KW。

Scraper conveyor

This series product is mainly suitable for middle coal seams、Thick coal seam high production and efficiency of the comprehensive mechanized coal mining working face of coal。High yield and efficient mine has formed“A well”Or“A well on both sides”Production mode,Its characteristic is fully mechanized coal face equipment with high power electric coal winning machine,Electro-hydraulic control large-tonnage hydraulic support, and a large volumes of conveyor and other mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech equipment。Like this,Mine production system is greatly simplified、Production of highly concentrated、Occupy less equipment、Less of choose and employ persons、High efficiency、Safe and reliable、Economic benefit is good,This is the trend of the development of the world coal mining at present。

Boring machine

Configuration is high、Low center of gravity,Strong stability;The key parts adopt international famous brand of form a complete set;Modified the loading system,The second conveyer with follow-up“The leak of coal”Function;

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